My mom invited my ex-boyfriend to the house for the fourth. Talk about an awkward night.

Why would she have done that?


I just realized I find out what I’m having at my next doctors appointment. It becomes even more real then…


It happens so fast, doesn’t it? Do you know what you’re hoping to have?


She’s three, I think I’ve waited long enough for a second one, haha. Eh, I dunno. She’s one of those kids that loves others but quickly get’s fed up if they take to much attention from her

Ah, yeah, I guess you’ve waited long enough, haha. Ahh, well, I’m sure that you’ll do just fine with balancing out the attention between the two.


I had a few, nothing to major though. I have, I think I’ve always sorta been ready for another since she turned two. It’s just a matter of deciding whether she’s ready or not.

Well, that’s good. Well, two years is, like, the perfect amount of years between kids. Oh, I’m sure that she’ll love having a little sibling.


It can cause back problems if you’re to short, it’s added pressure on everything. I know a few things from being pregnant at sixteen/seventeen years old. Yeah, that would be hard to explain

Ah, well that doesn’t sound too fun. Did you have tons of back problems with yours? Yeah, maybe just a bit. So, have you decided if you’re ready to have another little one, yet?


I would to, with me being so short and all, haha. It’d just be a little bit of a hassle and I wouldn’t be able to do it anyway. I don’t make a steady income, I don’t really have a set place, with tour and everything.

Does height effect pregnancy? I don’t really know all too much about pregnancies, just about things that relate to mine…Ah, yeah. Having a set place would be a bit of a problem.


It’s easier of most of the time after the first one. Your body is already exposed to it so it makes everything a bit smoother. Unless, of course something happens or it’s an off one that is just as treacherous as the first  one. I’ve considered that but, I decided against it

And it’s just my luck that I’d have one of those off ones, haha. If you don’t mind me asking, what made you decide against it?

I thought everyone already knew Joe buys all my clothing?


He buys all my ugly shirts. I wear them cause it makes the fans cringe.image

Ahh, alright. Makes sense now.


Yeah, I mean, I’ve always wanted three or so.

Well, having that many kids seems really nice but, going through three or so pregnancies doesn’t seem that nice. Adopting is something I, personaly, would consider doing.